Professional Services

We offer a range of consulting services–all designed to help your company exceed expectations.

Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, we have solutions.


Leadership Coaching

Today leaders face difficult challenges and decisions. Given the dynamic and changing world in which we operate, you as a leader might greatly benefit from having a coach.  A coach is simply someone you trust to add value to your decision making process.  Someone with whom you can share ideas, receive feedback and role-play in a confidential, supportive and challenging manner. Our Leadership Coaching services provide a safe environment and a confidential outlet for leaders to discuss the issues that they are facing. Our Leadership Coaches are executives with proven real world experience who invest themselves in understanding your business and the issues you face everyday. They provide you with real world experience and practical insight that enable you to challenge yourself and grow both professionally and personally. We develop a customized approach for each client that includes an initial goal setting discussion, a personal action plan, scheduled follow up calls and “always on” availability for immediate support.


Business Strategy

Driven by competition, technology, and customer demands, the environment in which your organization operates is ever changing and today at an accelerated pace. As a leader, this rate of change requires a timely review and assessment of the mission, values, business model, objectives, and initiatives of your organization. We partner with our client’s as trusted advisers to successfully create and implement strategic business plans for start-up, middle market companies. We have provided our clients with strategic consulting in support of:

  • Organizational Mission, Vision and Values
  • Key Initiative Identification and Prioritization Process
  • Organizational Design and Review
  • Leadership Team Assessment, Alignment and Recruitment
  • Analysis of Competitive Business and Operating Models
  • Organizational Objectives, Benchmarking and Scorecards
  • Advisory Board of Directors


IT Transformation

Delivering strategic IT and Operation services that combine deep senior level operational and IT experience with best-in-class implementation capabilities. TGR works with a client’s senior leadership to address business challenges in an ever-changing commercial and regulatory environment. We enable organizations to change and innovate their business model to increase speed and flexibility, delivering results that enhance both internal processes and external marketplace capabilities.


Change Management

Every organization must go through change in order to evolve and be healthy and prosper.  Organizational changes are sometimes complex and challenging, however, managed well they can lead to great benefit for an organization.   If not properly assessed, defined, communicated and managed an organization can find itself distracted and demoralized and spending precious resources trying to “recover”.  Since change in the business world is inevitable we can help you embrace change by being prepared and helping you guide your firm successfully to the desired results.  Our consultants have extensive experience in successfully leading organizations of all sizes through major change efforts. Whether you are facing changes due to growth, succession, the outside environment we can teach your team how to embrace and manage change to build support for the change and ensure success.

Areas in which we can assist in successful change management:

  • Projectization of Business
  • SWOT Assessment
  • Succession Planning
  • Skills Assessment
  • Reductions in Force
  • Valuations
  • Acquisitions/Integrations
  • Technology Driven Change
  • Organization Realignment


Meeting Facilitation

TGR Partners has a proven process and outstanding facilitators to ensure your meeting is organized, engaging, focused and get results.  Our techniques ensure all members of your team are involved in achieving the defined objectives of the session. We take the time to understand your business and situation to build an environment where attendees participate fully and are engaged to share their perspectives. We work with you to plan the event and define the outcomes to ensure your success. Our consultants are not only professional facilitators, but are also experienced business leaders who ensure that your meeting runs smoothly and achieves the results you desire.  We take a straightforward approach to planning and facilitating your event:

Understand your Business and Define Event Objectives
Our consultants will work with you to understand your business and assess the objectives and goals of the meeting. This process will ensure that the purpose of the meeting is clear, all relevant team members are present, and any pre-work is completed prior to the session.

Our consultants will design an agenda and activities to ensure your team is challenged and engaged and that your objectives are fully met.  You can trust our experienced Consultants to keep the energy high and the team focused on the objectives.  We bring the understanding to know when flexibility is needed and when the team needs to be pushed.  Our team’s experience and you team’s commitment ensure a successful, fun event with the results you desire.

Actionable Results
Our facilitated event will produce an actionable plan has the support and buy in from all team members. Given the work experience of our consultants as senior business leaders, Depending on the size of the projects and the availability of resources TGR always there to assist or lead the implementation of the action plan at your request.

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