1st Quarter – 2016

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TGR Partners Newsletter
First Quarter, 2016
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This newsletter comes as we are coming off an incredible 2015 for which we are very grateful to our clients and candidates.  On the heels of that, we are experiencing a start to 2016 that may be the strongest demand for experienced talent we have seen in 20 years. This is a positive sign for the US economy but as you will read below there are some underlying drivers that are important to understand as a client searching for a critical resource and to you as a professional managing your career.

In this issue Scott will also provide some insight as to how we at TGR are working to improve using systems thinking and being purposeful in all that we do.  I hope you find it interesting and provides you food for thought.

Matt Lewry, CEO If you have any comments or suggestions for future content, we welcome those at info@tgrpartners.com.

Matt Lewry, CEO


What you should know about the job market in 2016

book cover As we enter the new year I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for our tremendous success in 2015; to our clients who have allowed us the opportunity to partner with them on their most critical asset – human capital; the many candidates who have trusted us as partners in their careers; my team who are all great people who always give their best effort.

In 2016 there appear to be significant trends converging that are likely to make this an exciting year for experienced professionals and a challenging year for clients trying to attract those professionals. These trends include a slowly but steadily improving economy in the US – especially in the sectors that drive innovation; an increasing velocity in the job market, meaning that more confidence in the economy is resulting in a corresponding increase in individuals willing to take the risk of changing jobs; and a continued demand for experienced talent in innovation jobs.  The other important trend that is continuing is the geographical disparity of job growth.  Job markets in cities that have attracted innovation companies and workers are experiencing a more robust economy.  In his book The New Geography of Jobs, Enrico Moretti, talks at length about the drivers of job and wage growth and opportunity disparity based on how our economy is trending towards innovation as the key to future growth. His research shows that these high paying jobs are located in geographies that are made up of hubs of innovative companies.  Many of our clients have opened offices in these locations in order to join competitors in search of a “thick” pool of talent.  This clustering is beneficial for both employees and employers but requires companies to market themselves effectively and develop retention and recruiting strategies that are responsive to the conditions of the market.

A critical aspect of a successful hiring strategy in this new environment is “momentum” in the recruiting process.  This may seem obvious but the vast majority of our clients average over 95 days to complete an experienced hire search.  Only 30% of that time is spent on candidate identification with more then 70% of that time spent on the client vetting and offer process – a process totally within their control.  This has become so common the Wall Street Journal recently published an article coaching candidates on how to navigate the marathon.  Hiring experienced senior candidates should be done with care but there is significant benefit to committing to an optimized process that accomplishes the goal of good skills assessment and culture fit while recognizing when the point of diminishing returns has been reached.

In order to help our clients, TGR utilizes a systems based approached to search engagements that provides a proven methodology that ensures clients to treat candidates with respect, maintains quality and positive momentum in the process. In this addition of Scott’s Notes he gives you a better idea of why systems thinking is so effective in the search process. We look forward to partnering with you in 2016 and wish you a prosperous and successful year!



We are constantly working on new placements and respect our clients’ and candidates’ confidentiality. But we also know you want to know what’s going on here at TGR! We are currently working on the following placements: (2016 year is off to a fast start!)

  • Global Innovation Leader for connected customer for one the worlds largest automotive OEM
  • SVP Product Management for a $5B global financial services systems and solutions providers
  • Global Advanced Analytics Leader for connected customer for one the worlds largest automotive OEM
  • Electric Operations DIrector of IT Strategy for the country’s 2nd largest utility
  • SVP Sales and SVP of Marketing for a growing global geolocation technology firm
  • Enterprise Architecture Director & Enterprise Information and BI Director for the industry leader in the development of therapies for people living with rare diseases.
  • VP of Sales and VP of Marketing for one of the world’s largest telematics technology firm
  • VP of Business Strategy & Develoment for the leading global financial services systems and solutions provider

The past quarter brought us several successful placements, including:

  • President for the leading near prime lender in the US
  • CFO for a PE backed innovator in retail heathcare
  • VP of Operations for one of the world’s largest telematics technology firm
  • VP of Software Quality for a the leading cloud based clinical platform provider in the world
  • Director of Customer Care for a the leading cloud based clinical platform provider in the world

Stay tuned to see what next quarter brings.



In closing, we enjoy and value our relationship and wish you an amazing 2016!
In Gratitude,
The TGR Partners Team


Scott’s Notes

Four Agreements Book Cover

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

For us at TGR Partners, we are deliberate (“purposeful”) about explaining our Executive Search System as one of the key benefits for the clients and candidates with whom we work .  That system infuses the 4 agreements and new agreements into everything we do…

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